The Pilgrimage Planner is an intelligent tool aimed at building a process of planning, budgeting and booking a pilgrimage with seamless experience. It encompasses an ecosystem which caters to the requirements of each Location as a base in the process of planning and experiencing pilgrimage.

Pre - Pilgrimage Essentials and Financials

Our pre-pilgrimage essentials contains a comprehensive pilgrimage itinerary including travel bookings, annual visits, pre-visit readings, booking accommodations from partners/us, pilgrimage offerings, etc.

Pilgrimage finance has detailed information about seva prices, offerings prices, guide charges, along with food budgets, transport budgets, accommodation budgets etc.
Our Pilgrimage planner Includes :-

    Pilgrimage Intent

  • Travel Bookings
  • Pilgrimage Essentials/Temple Offerings Kits
  • Seva Bookings
  • Accommodation Bookings

    Pilgrimage Financials

  • Funding

Our in-pilgrimage planner is a guidebook which has day-wise planning of visiting Pilgrimages. This includes details of temples to visit, food, accommodation, budget, etc., to ensure our pilgrims to track their progress and fulfillment of pilgrimage as per their intent.
Our planner will include:-

    In Pilgrimage Planner

  • List of temples and its near temples/places of interest to visit, including Darshana, Seva.
  • Special Pooja’s with timings and costs/ ticket information
  • List of Offered free meals in each temple
  • Accommodation from check-in to checkout at the nearest location to the respective temple
  • Details about budget allocated,utilized , and remaining funds in the planned budget
  • Sightseeing and Shopping

In - Pilgrimage Planner

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