In India, pilgrims and visitors who have been visiting temples have minimal knowledge about its history, significance, and relevance in today’s world. The information remains with the elderly scholars who are diminishing in numbers. If this knowledge treasure is not transitioned to the next generation, we face the threat of losing traditional knowledge permanently.

Through our research and hard work, we are striving to contribute by capturing and sharing information through our knowledge base and helping pilgrims plan their pilgrimages through our Pilgrimage Planner.

Temple Insights

In our years of experience, we have observed that only a few temples have an authentic collection of data in terms of their history, architectural description, dos and don’ts, description of the deity, worshiping rituals, various sevas, teerthams and others. We have built a comprehensive and standardized structure with various parameters as unique records for each temple containing the complete knowledge and information in a single platform.

Pilgrimage Planner

Our interactive Pilgrimage Planner helps to explore the knowledge base to plan a pilgrimage itinerary to define the intention, selection, scheduling, budgeting options, and others. We have also implemented value-added services like Intelligent Pilgrimage companion, which helps them understand the to-do list, pilgrimage essentials list and also provides them with access to financial assistance.

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