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Temples hold a great inherited heritage and significance in our country. In India, pilgrims and visitors have been visiting temples with very minimal knowledge about the temple or its significance. We endeavor to collect this information and share it through this platform to offer a curated knowledge base for generations to come.

We further wish to offer a Pilgrimage Planner which uses our vast knowledge base to help pilgrims plan their pilgrimages. The planner aims to assist them with their itinerary, bookings and budgeting for their pilgrimages.

Our Mission

We provide Single window knowledge base of Temples of India with interactive pilgrimage planner addressing the challenges faced during pilgrimage due to improper guidance and inaccurate planning leading to unpleasant experiences

Our Vision

To provide an innovative eco system consisting of indepth knowledge base of Temples across India and expert sytem based pilgrimage planner for divine pilgrimage experience.

At eTempleGyaan

Our unified effort to create a treasure-trove of information about India's temples will support you to have an encompassing experience.


We provide single window in-depth curated knowledge-base of temples across India, an expert system based pilgrimage planner


Well-structured reference companion during the course of pilgrimage as advised by our comprehensive pilgrimage planner


An interactive platform for users and partners to share their experience, expertise and insights across digital/social media

Temple of the Day

Anegudde Temple

"Lord Ganesha blessed Bhimasena of the Pandavs to kill Khumbasura at this place"
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We strive to collate and curate information about the numerous temples in India to ensure that this knowledge is preserved and circulated flawlessly. In the journey of being India's largest pilgrimage planning platform, we will need funds to support the various operational expenses.

We request your patronage as individuals or groups to contribute towards the success of eTempleGyaan:

  • By Contribution of Funds to expand the necessary IT infrastructure.
  • By Contribution of Funds for the expenses to be incurred towards the travel to temples by road/air, stay, other incidental expenses, gather information from scholars/priests and authenticate/validate the procured information.
  • By providing funding to lesser-known temples, which need financial support for annual maintenance. Also, by funding students who wish to undertake Vedic studies needing financial support.

We are striving to expand the knowledge base by raising more funds in order to meet further expenses. We would humbly request your patronage to propagate our venture through social media platforms.

Be a part of us to contribute to India's culture and heritage